house exteriorThe architecture of a home tells you a lot about the designer, the homeowner and the era in which the home was built. Whenever a new home is built, or a renovation work is carried out in existing homes, one of the first to be consulted is the designer or the architect of the home. After further discussions about Architectural designs only then engineers are brought in to create designs in brick and mortar. Whether it is building or remodeling a home, though an exciting proposition, it is nonetheless a daunting task and; hence, a lot of speculation and thought must go into it before the work begins.

Architectural designs by Glen Tree Homes

home builders torontoWe, at Glen Tree Homes, also offer services in the field of architectural designs. If it is remodeling of an old home, then the designs are so created to help the new blend in well with the old in the most subtle manner so that the new does not stand out and overshadow the old areas of the home. Our system of work includes four stages which are:

1. Conceptualizing:

A dream home is what every home owner desires and by contacting us, you can make this concept of your home come true. We will provide you with exclusive features for cost-effectiveness, possible liabilities, and the viability of approaching Architectural Design Toronto companies.

2. Planning:

The second stage is that of planning the work and making an effort in giving life to your concept. We believe that the customer satisfaction is of prime importance and; hence, we plan the work by  consulting with the customer.

3. Designing

custom houseThe architectural designers work here along with the customer to understand the requirements of the customer and design the home accordingly. All the needs of the customer are given due importance, and all of the requests are dealt with one by one. The pros and cons of each in discussion will be worked until consensus with the customer is reached.

4. Execution:

The total commitment of the team of designers, contractors, and other specialized staff moves towards realizing the dream of the customers is exemplary. All get together to execute the plan and create the dream home for the customer.

For all your architectural designing needs, give us a call and one of our staff will get back to you for consultations at the earliest. Alternatively, you can email us and expect a response immediately.