house additionsAt some point, every home needs to undergo some changes and the change can be initiated due to various reasons. The initiative for a change can be caused due to the necessity to accommodate parents or other relatives, generate income by renting out accommodation, additions in the family, or simply to generate extra space. Other important reason can include emergency maintenance work or damages caused to the home which demands urgent repair work. Sometimes, homeowners want to execute their interior designing skills and make changes wherever needed. Events conducted at home can also be a trigger for initiating changes or additions. There are many Home Additions Toronto companies that provide home additions services to ensure that the work is done perfectly.

Home Additions Services provided by Glen Tree Homes

home addition constructionSpecial features of the services provided by us include:

  • Review and assessment of the areas that need additions or remodeling
  • Designing and providing drawing of the work that is expected to be done. At this stage modifications are made according to the requirements of the clients.
  • Planning of space and area for optimum utility of the available space.
  • Providing estimation of cost and time frame to complete the project

Though all planning and designing of the home additions are done according to specifications of area and space available, we try to incorporate the client’s wishes and designs into the plan to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We design keeping in mind mainly three factors which are the needs of the customer, availability of resource like space and other specifications of electrical and plumbing units, and affordability for the customer.

We, at Glen Tree Homes, are led by a mission to deliver the most functional yet warm and comfortable homes by making the needed additions to it. We spend a lot of time on communicating and interacting with the customer in order to fully understand the needs and their requirements. This helps us to provide you with the best possible options for home additions which enhance the beauty as well as the functionality of the home. Our emphasis on customer service and satisfaction is not to the extends in which the project lasts, we take it further to enhance our long term relationship.

Contact Glen Tree Homes for all your home addition Toronto needs and we will respond as soon as possible to cater to your needs. You can contact us on the details given on Contact Us page.