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About Glen Tree Homes

custom homeGlen Tree Homes is a division of Sure-Kraft Consulting Ltd. and Medallist Construction Inc.
Les Kraft, the owner and operator of Sure-Kraft Consulting has been in the construction of fine custom homes for over 15 years.

Stan Boigon has enjoyed a successful career in the food business for the past 20 years and in the renovation business for over 5 years. The son of a prominent Toronto architect, Irv Boigon, Stan has always had a passion for building.

Assisting Les and Stan is Sharen Bruck, office administration manager, who has over 5 years of customer service and home inspection experience (US & Canada).

With their combined experience and talents, Glen Tree Homes is able to offer their customers a first-rate product and keep the complex building process on track and moving forward.


    Custom Home Builders

    custom houseWhen buying a home, the process of decision making is simplified but a lot of comprises need to be made in order to make that home acceptable and live happily in it. That is the reason why many people today opt to build homes rather than buy a pre-built home to live in. When building a home firstly you can have it customized to suit your requirements and style. This makes living in the home a lot more comfortable and easy as you know the exact function of every facility made available in the house. If you are in a market for residential construction company, we invite you to read more about our custom build services in the GTA.¬† (more…)

    Architectural Design

    custom home north yorkThe fact is that the architectural design is important to the home and it is what gives the building its personality that understood by many Residential Architects Toronto who provide designer homes in different areas around the world. Irrespective of what your needs are, our architectural designers are well equipped to provide you with highly satisfactory designs that suit you as a person and the home. Whether the requirement is of a townhouse or a customized home, we cater to all types of homes. Every home is designed with a lot of planning,  consideration and in consultation with the customer. In every stage of building the home, the homeowner is made fully involved so that suggestions and opinions of the homeowner can be given due importance.


    House Additions Toronto

    house additionsAt some point, every home needs to undergo some changes and the change can be initiated due to various reasons. The initiative for a change can be caused due to the necessity to accommodate parents or other relatives, generate income by renting out accommodation, additions in the family, or simply to generate extra space. Other important reason can include emergency maintenance work or damages caused to the home which demands urgent repair work. Sometimes, homeowners want to execute their interior designing skills and make changes wherever needed. Events conducted at home can also be a trigger for initiating changes or additions. There are many Home Additions Toronto companies that provide home additions services to ensure that the work is done perfectly. (more…)